Beach Comber

BeachComber application is designed specifically to get switch on alert of the low usage subscriber whom Telecom Service Provider has failed to contact due to their switched off status. The application gets instant alert as soon as the subscriber switches on his or her phone and will send predefined offer messages to the user. Subscribing to the application is of massive benefit to Telecom service providers taking into account the fact that they are not able to reach more than 50% of subscribers due to their phones being switched off. Beach Comber solution also offers a diverse range of schemes that enable Telecom Service Providers to increase the usage rate of cell Phone subscribers and subsequently raise the typically low billing figures. Implementation of Beach Comber Solutions results in exponential growth in the revenue of telecom operator.

Benefits of implementing Beach Comber

  • Allows Telecom Service Providers to prepare a database exclusively for low usage subscribers
  • A wide range of attractive offers are send through SMS and OBD to improve the phone usage
  • Telecom Service Providers receive immediate notification about low usage subscriber when phones are switched on
  • Application has the capacity to send the details of switched on numbers to the call center agents