Camel Solution

CAMEL enables effective implementation of Mobile Intelligence in GSM Networks through CAP protocol. One of the unique features of CAMEL is its capacity to systematize different scenarios and events that unfold in a call flow. The high level of flexibility and efficiency in creating advanced services distinguish CAMEL from the traditional SCP architecture. Specifically designed to work on GSM and UMTS Network, CAMEL allows our end users to navigate within different Mobile Networks. Prior to the advent of the CAMEL, all GSM Networks were solely reliant on INAP to infuse networks with mobile intelligence. The application of CAMEL enhanced the mobility of network processes and resolved all persistent management problems once and for all. One of the key components of CAMEL is Service Control Point (SCP) which hosts a database and controls the telephone service. When a customer attempts to make a call, the Mobile Switching Centre (MSC) receives immediate notification. MSC thereafter sends a message to enquire the SCP’s database. Once the SCP has thoroughly processed the query, it returns an appropriate message to MSC suggesting the right course of action in response to customer’s request for a particular service. The effective process comes to an end when customer is connected in the most convenient fashion imaginable. The evolutionary nature of 3G standards has prompted CAMEL to produce a variety of advanced functions. The effective deployment of applications allows you end-to-end control over calls, GPRS and SMS in all GSM Networks. The designed set of standards offers pre-customized flows that can be initiated by Network through 3rd party application regulator.

Prominent Features of CAMEL

  • CAMEL makes sure that a roaming subscriber is able to make call without having to dial in the Telephone Prefix of a different region or country.
  • CAMEL equips all subscribers with real-time control over their home and visiting networks
  • It lets you have comprehensive control of all incoming, outgoing and initiated calls
  • Offers a wide range of services to subscribers with complete control within all GSM networks
  • CAMEL easily helps you to determine whether subscriber is currently busy or out of network
  • Provide effective handling of Call processing Logic through various external applications
  • Systematically sets up events in accordance with sound business logic.
  • MSC / GMSC enquire PrudentSCF in home network about what to be done with calls.
  • Re-route calls at the caller’s expense.
  • PruTechSCF connects the calls to NSS IP media / gsmSRF / IVR servers and subsequently re-route calls to the desired numbers / trunks as per business logic if required.
  • Intercept caller calls and text messages.
  • Various DP’s (Busy/No Answer/Disconnect/System Failures / Route Failures) handling by the system.
  • GUI based call routing functionality.
  • Call cascading to ‘N’ number of legs.
  • PrutechSCF Support INAP CS-1 / CS-2 and CAP v1/v2/v3/v4.
  • Capture Cell-Id, location/MSC/VLR number, BCSM, S-key, CLI, DNI etc.
  • CAMEL supports 3GPP TS 23.078.
  • PrutechSCF determines whether your incoming call triggers should be modified or terminated

Dynamic Usability of Camel technology

Number translation service

CAMEL connects telephone call from non-geographic number starting with, for instance, 1800 to mobile numbers in hidden geographic.

Comprehensive charging

This sets up an interface for the charging system to terminate or continue with the call in accordance with current balance of the subscriber.

Call interception

Call interception intercept prepaid call if it goes out of credit and subsequently route it to automatic recharge service.