Extended short message entity is an external application that is interconnected to Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) using CIMD/SMPP protocols. In the field of telecommunication the main function of this interconnection is to allow the transfer of messages between ESME and Mobile Stations (SM). The CIMD/SMPP protocols receive support from the two distinct message centers, namely Short Message Service Center (SMS Center) and Unstructured Supplementary Data Center.

When SMS Center receives a message from application, it uses standard retry policy to deliver the message on its own. If there is a failure in message delivery, the particular message will get stored in the SMS Center Database until the delivery is successfully completed. The message will get deleted in the event of permanent error or the expiry of message’s validity period. Computer interface supports TCP/IP sockets, X.25 PAD, serial ports (modems) and is perfectly compatible with client applications that send and retrieve messages.


Short Message Peer-to-Peer serves as a versatile data communication protocol that allows the transfer of short messages between the ESME, Routing Entities (RE) and Message Centers.


Computer Interface Message Distribution (CIMD) protocol was founded by Nokia. The Nokia SMS Center consists of a CIMD2 interface that transfers the messages between application and Nokia Short Message Service Centre (SMSC).



Bulk SMS

Our Bulk SMS service allows corporate organizations to transmit 1000 SMS to their target audience in the span of a single second.



Our SMS Gateway enables subscribers to send bulk SMS in regional languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil Gujarati, Punjab and so on.



Flash SMS is a type of SMS that appears on phone


Overwrite or Replace SMS

All incoming messages with the same sender name can be replaced or overwritten. This service is very effective for receiving live updates of Cricket score, Weather and Stock Market.


Multi SMS

Our Multi SMS services enable customers to overcome the limitations placed on the number of characters that can be sent in a single standard SMS. Unlike the SMS services which permit only 160 characters, our Multi SMS Application splits long messages into smaller SMS before it is recombined at the receiving end. This method enables users to read a single text message that comprises 750 characters.