GSM Modem SMS Solution

  • GSM Modem Solution is implemented to secure easy wireless communication for business application. In addition to offering low cost and long-range wireless communication channel, GSM Modem also serves as an effective solution for SMS, voice and data. In keeping with intelligent software technologies, our GSM modem ensures sound telecommunication for the collection and transmission of data.

    Hardware Features

    • Guarantees Low cost solutions
    • USB Interface that ensure optimum speed and portability
    • Characterized by Light weight body and compactly small dimensions
    • Any Telecom Service Provider’s SIM will be compatible

    Software Features

    • Capacity to send and receive 6 t0 8 SMS per minute containing a maximum of 160 characters.
    • Receives SMS and response can be generated.
    • Auto restart mechanism.
    • Clears the inbox/send items message automatically.

    How does GMS Modem Work?

    In order for the GMS Modem to work, a GSM SIM, with sufficient balance to send SMS, should be inserted into the device. Prutech has successfully developed a software application that allows seamless interaction with GSM modem. The company has also developed Database structures for the applications that are compatible with excel spread sheet. The uploading screen and the text box for entering SMS content on the application interface permits the sending of bulk SMS to different groups. Switching on the application allows system to pick each cell number and send SMS before the final report on telecommunication activities are generated. Software module is also equipped with the technology to process all incoming SMS. If an administrator is in need of learning about the current status of Bulk SMS activity, he or she can send the allotted Key word ‘STATUS’ to the SIM number. The application will receive SMS and respond to it accordingly. Dynamic SMS alerts are easily configurable. For instance, when a value changes in the tables, the application will send alerts to the concerned numbers regarding the present status.

    Where is this solution applicable?

    • Medical Labs
    • Milma
    • Small scale industries
    • Hospitals
    • Residents association
    • Temple/church/mosque committees
    • Shops