IVRS Solutions


As a software application which is equipped to receive both voice telephone input and touchtone keypad, IVR System produces apt responses by means of fax, e-mail, callback and different media instruments. IVR system chiefly forms an integral part of a larger application that comes with database access. IVR system allows users to receive pre-recorded voice responses on the basis of situation. Among the other main benefits of deploying this software application in enterprises are, easy access to important data, Keypad signal technology and capacity to record voice clips for later management. By deploying computer telephony integration, the IVR system is able to pass over the call to an expert executive who can access information about the caller on the screen.

IVR systems ensure that each caller gets immediate access to information without external assistance from anyone. Running IVR system in companies does not incur expenses except for the initial-installation cost. Due to the increasing influx of callers that company has to typically deal with on daily basis, it is highly advantageous to deploy IVR system to handle the endless stream of phone calls. Prutech successfully developed ‘Telefony’, a simple drag and drop IVR applications that has been central to delivering satisfactory IVR applications to customers over the last 20 years.


Telefony is a versatile product that is capable of collaborating with 3rd party database by using up very little system resources. Whether it is for banking, telecom, insurance, travel or ticket booking, the Telefony application ensures seamless handling of various processes. Telefony is ideally suited to creating Hosted and virtual patching solutions with scalability that can range from 4-16 E1s per setup with voice recording. The user-friendly application is also known for its ease of installation, configuration and IVR services creation.


  • The powerful user-friendly and attractive GUI for Developing IVR flows with minimum efforts and computer knowledge (simply drag and drop process object and connect them logically to make some meaningful IVR flows)
  • Monitor application works effectively in each channel
  • Graphical monitoring of the execution of application (application tracking)


  • Works on various leading hardware such as Dialogic, Keygoe and Synway …etc.(SS7,   ISDN,RTMF protocols)
  • Support 16E1s (960 channels) and configure application for each channel.
  • Provide communication with Sockets, Networks, Any ODBC compliant database like SQL,Oracle,Access,MySQL etc, Serial and Socket communications with remote machines.
  • Customization with user requirement -Ability to create dynamic IVR flows as per customer requirement.
  • Easy-to-use IVR service creation environment helps to dynamically adapt to changing business requirements.
  • Applications Resemble live Telecalls in every respect.


We have developed customized IVRS solution for various industry segments like
  • Petroleum Booking and Distribution (Indian Oil, HPCL)
  • Payment Reminder  System (BSNL Kerala)
  • Result Announcement System (Kerala state education board )
  • Appointment Booking System for Doctors (Medical Trust Hospital)
  • Cinema ticket Booking system (Idea)
  • Order Booking System(Milma Kerala)
  • Product Promotion Contests
  • Bank and stock account balances and transfers
  • Hotels, Airline & Train Ticket Enquiry & Booking Centers
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Complaint Booking and Customer Support Centers
  • Tele-Marketing Industry


Interactive Voice Response systems play an instrumental role in improving the efficiency of the customer service. When properly implemented, IVR systems are capable of augmenting customer satisfaction while offering a variety of new services and features to the customers. IVR systems carries the distinction of generating Return on investment (ROI) are frequently compared with call centers for their productivity.