Location-based services (LBS) are adopted by mobile network operators to enhance advantages of regular telecommunication services. LBS are essentially a cluster of computer program-level solutions that offer varying customized services to mobile phone subscriber. In addition to offering services in the areas such as navigation and security, LBS also update the details of subscriber’s current geographical location in the mobile networks. Location-Based Services have capacity to produce significantly dynamic experience for subscribers whether they are used for device to device communications, promotional activities or social networking. LBS assist in adding more value to the nature of customer services while redefining the manner in which users organize business activities.

Benefits of using location based Solution

  • Running searches on the basis of current location will enable subscriber to locate nearest hotel, bus stop and restaurants in the vicinity
  • Subscribers are able to share their present location with friends, relatives and family members in the social media circle.
  • Location based services allow parents to keep tabs on the location of their children.
  • Users receive advertisements in relation to their current location or on the basis of most frequented locations.
  • LBS provide subscribers with weather and news with regard to their specific location.