As an advanced reception technology, Long Code SMS can configure 10digit Virtual Mobile Numbers (VMN) and has capacity to send and receive SMS from all GSM and CDMA users around the world. Dedicated VMN(s) is configured accordingly for different types of enterprises in order for each company to receive customized message report. Long Codes in comparison with short codes, offer enterprises more useful services at a cost effective rate. One of the main benefits of using Long Code SMS is that it allows enterprises to keep their own unique numbers as opposed to using short codes that are shared widely among many popular brands. By using Long Codes, business enterprises are able to offer a wide range of services from Election results, lead generation to SMS Based Recharging and vehicle tracking. Long Code SMS is widely adopted by a large number of companies to put a curb on the SMS sending expenses incurred by the customers as this practice subsequently lead to their active participation in SMS campaigns.


  • Application provide support to configure any VMN irrespective of number series, circle etc
  • SMS can be sent from any GSM and CDMA mobile number to the configured VMN regardless of the location.
  • Customers will have global access to this number.
  • Application will work for NSN/Huewai/Ericsson/ ZTE – MSC/HLR switch:- This long code application is compatible for all networks.
  • Support HTTP/HTTPS interfaces.
  • Provide support for SMS with more than 60 characters in a single message.
  • Support pull and push features.
  • Web based MIS is available.
  • GUI is present to create/edit/delete VMN services.
  • This also provides support for start/stop any VMN services temporarily or permanently.
  • CDRs can be generated in the platform for billing purpose.
  • Web GUI shall be available in for Reporting along with various reports including the number of messages per VMN sent/received per hour/day/month/year.


  • Virtual numbers master list is the report of currently active and inactive numbers.
  • Obtain the total count of Received Messages in a VMN within a time span
  • Helps you to determine the number of SMS TPS during the peak hours and off peak hours.
  • Reports based on Circle, operator, VMN and SMSC are available.
  • Concatenated SMS Report is available.

Operational Support

  • Configuring the long code.
  • Integrations with URL.
  • Customized reporting requirements
  • Trouble shooting
  • Application tuning.