USSD Gateway

USSD Gateway, unstructured Supplementary Services Data, is a protocol adopted GSM mobile phones to send USSD messages between the end-user and service provider’s external systems. Messages sent by USSD are transmitted through SS7 signaling channels which ensure faster data transfer and customer connections. USSD transactions enable SMS responses in less than a second’s time. The moment a USSD message is delivered to external system or service provider’s computer, it succeeds in building real time session between the end user and external system.

SSD Gateway serves as a two-way communication facilitator that is gets initiated by USSD or external system. If a user dial *100*001#, the numbers 100 is the allocated USSD prefix with 001 assigned as the system command. This allows end system to send response message to the mobile subscriber. The menu services offered by USSD enable end user to have exchange of message with the USSD system. Availing of this particular function will offer a more cost effective means of configuring end-user services than WAP interface and IVR.

Major functions of USSD Gateway

  • Upon receiving the message from a user, computer generated response through USSD is sent back to the user’s mobile.
  • USSD are effectively deployed to broadening the scope of mobile marketing and interactive data services.
  • USSD gateway is adopted by GSM cell phones to avail of callback services and available balance enquiry.
  • Flexible IP interfaces of USSD Gateway facilitate communication between applications and enables effective management of VAS.
  • USSD interactions allow operators economize operations and offer various value added services.