Financial Services

Relationship Managers [RM] are the primary touch points in a Financial company, be it a Bank, Insurance, MBFI or Broking house. RM own the customer. When there is a change in the RM, relationship and ownership of a customer can be at risk.

Create a Virtual Relationship Manager [VRM] and link your customers with the RMs in the VRM. The VRM becomes the touch point for the customer, the service levels wont impact due to change in RMs. This helps in unclogging your mind of all the specific questions and helps in interaction at your convenient time.

Prudent VRM delivers omnipresent & Omni channel conversations for the end consumer. Technology culminates with human interaction to enhance customer experience.

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Customer privacy is PARAMOUNT for any business. When it comes to e-commerce, day in day out transactions happens through consumers' mobile number and in most of the cases, last mile service is been rendered by a 3rd party or a person in contract. This makes customer information vulnerable for privacy and secured business reasons.

Better E-Commerce is a part of every organization’s plan because it ensures better customer reach and increases speed and efficiency. Our services ensure privacy and confidentiality of your customers.

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We have successfully helped our country in managing crisis, especially during the Orissa hurricane and Kerala floods. A single number was created to contact for emergency.

During natural calamities and other crisis, it is important to have unified communication. The public expects high availability of the contact points.

We did provide single number service during the flood ,which had played a major role in handling the crisis management.

Dynamic call routing and high availability were key matrices.

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For service or business reasons, if an individual's number is published in various media, it becomes tough to manage calls. This impacts missed communication for service or a Business Lead.

The service helps you to monitor, distribute and manage calls from your customer efficienty. The routing functionality like Geographical, Product based, Time based , etc, helps enterprise to better manage the resources in hand.



Alerts on mail at times can go missed or action gets delayed. We recommend to use SMS, WhatsApp or Voice alerts for any critical service related intimations. The platform enable email to call/SMS or WhatsApp messaging so that action can be taken appropriately.

The service comes with Mail to SMS/Voice/WhatsApp, SMS/Voice/WhatsApp to mail & API based integrations.



Know the TRP & Viewship by engaging the customer. Use Toll Free/ Mobile number for voice & SMS based voting.

We proudly claim to have managed national level programmes managing 50 Lakhs calls per episode or we have the capacity to manage 10 lakh calls per minute.


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