Digital Services

  • WhatsApp Business Account
  • Google Business Messaging
  • Rich Communication Services
  • Feedback BOTs

Telecom Services

  • Bulk Voice Intimation [OBD]
  • Lead Management
  • Voice Mail
  • Bulk SMS Service
  • Hosted Contact Center


An Omnichannel application to interact & engage with your customers.

The application is available on SMS, WhatsApp, RCS [Rich Communication Services] or a browser based engagement tool. It interacts with customer on data mode taking cues from customer response & enables enterprise to engage with them. Helps in engaging effortlessly with your customers and prospects without any time limitations or human dependency.

Integrate chatBOT with missed call or SMS trigger from customer to send text, Images, Video, PDF Enterprise specific chat flow with user defined multi-select buttons can be incorporated

Suitable for: Businesses exploring simple yet engaging digital solutions with customers.

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WhatsApp Business Account

Engage with your customers on the most popular communication medium.

Send updates, invoices, alerts, respond to customer queries in a easy & efficient way.

Interactions and responses can be customised to business requirements and specific needs. Seamlessly address customer queries on Text, Video, Voice, web links etc. just like a normal WhatsApp interaction. Functionalities include:

  • Integration with your CRM. Push the information received from customer to your CRM or Pull information from CRM to respond to customer query.
  • Create Chatflows as per your convenience
  • Extract Reports
  • Redirect to service team to respond with an easy UI for agents

Trendy and widely accepted platform to leverage your business prospects and opportunities
Customisation possible to business specific requirements and solutions

Suitable for: Enterprises who want to generate leads or have a huge customer base to service

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Google Business Messaging

Engage with users on the most popular search engine: Google local and Google map search. Add a ‘Message’ icon alongwith Website, Directions and Call options available. Helps in systematic and structured interaction with customers as well as prospects

  • Leverage Google to establish and grow your business
  • Engage with your customers on organic searches on Google
  • Customise your interactions on Google search and enabled with digital medium

Suitable for: Any businesses interested in leveraging Google to engage with prospects and customers.

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RCS – Rich Communication Services

Send video, documents, images, Rich Communications, interactive & menu driven communications with your customer. The Services will be enabled on Standard SMS inbox of the device.

RCS encompasses Standalone Messaging with a combination of 1 to 1 chat, group chat, file transfer, content sharing, social presence, information, geolocation exchange etc.

  • Integrate chatBOT with missed call or SMS trigger from customer to send text, Images, Video, PDF
  • Enterprise specific chat flow with user defined multi-select buttons can be incorporated

Suitable for: Businesses exploring simple yet engaging digital solutions with customers.

Feedback BOTs

Get instant feedback from your customers on multiple service aspects or interaction opportunities you had with them. Ensuring feel good factor among your users while eliminating manual entries, human errors, tabulation efforts, data entry and representation issues at once.

  • Works on customer mobile which makes it more responsive, convenient and user friendly. Works on Emojis, Satisfaction Bars, Numbering for easy UI
  • Business specific customisation possible as per requirements and expectations

Suitable for: Service industries working on continuous improvement based on customer feedback

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BULK Voice Intimation [OBD]

A better solution, better platform and better experience for both customers and entrepreneurs. It expands and promotes entrepreneurial endeavours. Many prominent companies have benefited largely from subscribing to the services of Bulk OBD. Just a single action can trigger a communication and lead to conversion.

Possible Use cases: Reminders on bill payment, Intimation of new service, Information Sharing, Service Reminders, etc

Suitable for: Service Industries, Automobiles, Banking, Insurance, etc or any Enterprise who engage with its customers on a periodicity

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Lead Management Service

Generate leads in a very cost effective & efficient manner by using Missed Call or Incoming SMS application.

Get to directly connect with clients and their order /requests.

Request Automation Services collect all specific details about order requirements through an effective AI interface.

Process as easy as: Publish a mobile number, Get a Missed Call, Confirm the customer with a Message & you are through with a LEAD

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Voice Mail

Use Case1: Our voice mail service allows customers to receive digital recording of incoming and outgoing voice messages that are invariably supported by an onsite system. Our services make sure that customers remain permanently connected to what is important to them even when they are not available to attend calls personally

Use Case2: Hide your identity by publishing an alternate number. Get the voice message and connect if required. Eg: Posting an ad on classified [OLX, Magic Bricks, Just Dial, etc] or Matrimonial advertisement on any newspaper or matrimonial sites

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Bulk SMS Service

Manage the Short Messaging Service, popularly known as SMS, in any languages. SMS Service Multi languages has been put into use by many telecommunication companies for enabling subscribers to send text messages.

With direct SMSC connectivity with operator, expect an emmaculate service levels. The service can be accessible on Web, API & CIMD connectivity

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Hosted Contact Center

Create a Contact Center virtually with NO CAPITAL INVESTMENTS. Integrate with Telecommunications & CRM of your choice. The platform enables all possible channels.

Enable a seamless experience with your customer engagements for various processes of an enterprise.

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